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Link details: Strong Law

Strong LawdirectoryTitle: Strong Law
directoryPage Rank: 0
directoryID: 84306

   |___Business & Economy

directoryDescription: There are a lot of mediocre attorneys out there, and many attorneys are even inept at trial. It’s sad because most clients don’t know any better and just hire the attorney who has been around forever, or the one who runs the most TV or billboard ads. People assume all attorneys are the same, but that is just not the case. When I set-up my firm, I decided we would be the best. We would help our clients individually and not just make them a number. We would fight for each of our clients and not take the easy way out. We would put ourselves in our client’s shoes and litigate the case how we would want the case to be litigated if the roles were reversed. We would do our all for each client, and if that means going all the way to trial, we would not back down.
directoryAddress: 1120 Pacific Avenue, Suite 110
directoryCity: Tacoma
directoryState: Washington
directoryPostal code: 98402
directoryCountry: USA
directoryPhone number: 206-737-7168
directoryAlexa Ranking: 0
directoryAlexa LinksIN: 0
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