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Link details: Paul Cairney: Politics & Public Policy

Paul Cairney:  Politics & Public PolicydirectoryTitle: Paul Cairney: Politics & Public Policy
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directoryDescription: Paul Cairney is Professor of Politics and Public Policy, University of Stirling, UK. His research interests are in comparative public policy. His research spans comparisons of policy theories (Understanding Public Policy, 2020), and co-authored accounts of methods associated with key theories (Handbook of Complexity and Public Policy, 2015), international policy processes (Global Tobacco Control, 2012), and comparisons of UK and devolved policymaking (Why Isn’t Government More Preventive?, 2020). He uses these insights to explain the use of evidence in policy and policymaking, in one book (The Politics of Evidence-Based Policy Making, 2016), several articles, and many, many blog posts.
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